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Posted on: November 13, 2020

Using Herbal Remedies to Treat Diabetes in Pets

An increasing number of dog and cat owners are seeking out herbal remedies to treat diabetes in pets and discovering incredibly promising results. Diabetes in domestic cats and dogs has gradually become a real and widespread problem throughout American homes. A lack of exercise associated with domesticity, and an abundance of non-nutritious food options, have Read the full article…

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Posted on: April 20, 2020

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Microchip Identification Creates Happy Reunions

Whether scared away by loud noises like thunder and firecrackers, slipping out a door that was accidentally left open, or getting past an invisible fence, losing a pet can happen. One in three pets will go missing from home during a lifetime, but microchip identification creates happy reunions! Microchip Identification Doylestown Veterinary Hospital & Holistic Read the full article…