Modern Medicine, Old-Fashioned Care

Jul 28, 2014 | Uncategorized

Cats Need Care Too!

The reality is cats need regular preventive healthcare because they experience disease, pain and aging too. In fact, cats age more rapidly than we do—imagine never going to see your doctor or dentist.

And the aging process does not discriminate between outdoor and indoor pets—arthritis, diabetes, dental disease and kidney disease can occur under the best conditions. Mosquitos and fleas that carry parasites and disease do get into the house. Treatments for heartworm, fleas and ticks are just as important at preventing disease in cats as they are for dogs.

Instinctively, cats are very clever at hiding pain and weakness as a way of protecting themselves, leading us to believe there is nothing wrong with them. A regular physical examination helps uncover potential health concerns before they become more serious and costly to treat. Preventive medicine, including required vaccinations, is always less expensive than treating a disease.

Chances are, even though a previous pet cat lived to reach the age of 20 without ever going to the vet does not mean it was healthy or did not experience pain or discomfort. Healthy senior cats are often more active than a cat considered old and slow.

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital can help make your healthcare visits less stressful, convenient and affordable. Recognized as a Cat-Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, our staff can help with suggestions for effectively transporting your cat. We have a cat-only room, scented with relaxing pheromones, for a less stressful visit. And our staff is trained in the proper handling of your cat.

Here are some tips for bringing your cat in for a visit:
• Acclimate your cat to the carrier and the vehicle
• Start training your kitten at an early age
• Make the carrier familiar at home by leaving it in a room where your cat spends time
• Place familiar soft towels or bedding in the carrier
• Consider feeding your cat in the carrier for several days before and after a veterinary visit or other travel
• Consider a synthetic feline facial pheromone—ask our staff about the product Feliway- to help your cat travel more easily
• Be patient
• Call our staff to discuss additional tips for your cat’s unique personality

Our Wellness Plans for kittens and cats offer an affordable and convenient schedule of care for optimal health—talk with one of our veterinarians to find out which Plan is best for you and your cat. You want your beloved cat to live a long and healthy life. We want that for you too—and it starts with helping you to easily provide the best healthcare possible.