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Jul 16, 2013 | General Health

Why Choose an Accredited Veterinary Hospital?

Roscoe-vaccine-300x224 (1)Who do you trust to handle your pet’s healthcare? Knowing that the professionals we interact with for important services are well trained and follow a standard of professionalism boosts our level of comfort and trust. Schools must be accredited and teachers have to be certified. Hospitals, doctors and dentists must follow strict standards of protocol and care. What about care for your family pets?

Surprisingly, accreditation for animal hospitals is voluntary. Drs. Randy and Laura Weis—owners of Doylestown Veterinary Hospital (DVH)—have always been committed to exceptional veterinary care. They chose to undergo a rigorous process of complete evaluation on more than 900 industry standards which exceed state regulations.

DVH recently earned the highest level of veterinary excellence with accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

Known within the veterinary industry for its leadership in setting high standards for veterinary practices and pet health care, AAHA is the only organization in North America to accredit veterinary hospitals.

Extensive evaluation of standards places Doylestown Veterinary Hospital among a select group of veterinary hospitals.

Only fifteen percent of veterinary hospitals in North America achieve accreditation. By attaining accreditation, the veterinarians and the entire support staff demonstrate an ongoing commitment to providing area pets with high quality care.

Why choose a veterinary hospital associated with AAHA?

Choosing an accredited veterinary hospital for your pet’s health care means peace of mind knowing the medical team you’ve selected adheres to the highest standards in the field. 

Pets are family so we understand the value of partnering with a veterinary practice that’s focused on your pet’s complete health and wellness. Dedication to pet care doesn’t require accreditation, but achieving accreditation shows a commitment to a high standard of excellence in care. To maintain accredited status a veterinary practice must undergo regular evaluations by AAHA.

Staff-062113-Best-300x156How does a veterinary hospital become accredited?

To be accredited by AAHA, a veterinary hospital must demonstrate an exceptional level of medical care and client service which are measured against the most rigorous standards set for the veterinary industry. A practice is evaluated on more than 900 standards which directly correlate to the care your pet receives. The areas of focus include: patient care and pain management, exam facilities, surgery, dental care, pharmacy, laboratory, medical records, diagnostic imaging, anesthesiology and continuing education.

Founded in 1972, Doylestown Veterinary Hospital is a full-service small animal practice dedicated to compassionate, state-of-the-art veterinary care in a comfortable setting. The best pet health care is delivered when there is a bond between the patient, the doctor, and the client that is built on knowledge and trust. Pet lodging, grooming and day care services are also offered through Holiday House Pet Resort, located on the same property.