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Apr 21, 2015 | Press

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital Announces Canine Influenza Vaccination Clinic


Doylestown Veterinary Hospital to hold a Canine Influenza Vaccination Clinic

DOYLESTOWN, Pa., April 21, 2015—The outbreak of canine influenza virus (CIV) in the Midwest is understandably frightening for many pet owners. Unlike the endemic form of canine influenza (H3N8) that has been around since 2004, this new strain (H3N2) was imported from Asia.

Although the clinical trials are still underway, Merck Animal Health is reporting there is anecdotal evidence that the current vaccine may offer some protection against this new strain of the virus, although the level of protection is not fully known. This vaccine has proven safe and effective for the H3N8 strain of CIV. While the vaccine does not completely prevent infection, it reduces the symptoms to a mild form and greatly decreases transmission of the virus.

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital is holding the first in a series of Canine Influenza Vaccination Clinics on Friday, April 24 from 1-5pm. This vaccination clinic is for the initial canine influenza vaccination or annual booster only. No appointments are necessary. The cost of the vaccination is $25. Since this is an open clinic, dogs should not be aggressive towards other dogs and people, and showing no visible signs of illness.

The vaccine is administered as a series of two injections, two to four weeks apart, and is strongly recommended for any dog that has a social life. Respiratory viruses can be encountered at dog parks, grooming salons, pet care facilities, veterinary clinics, on your pet sitter’s clothing or on walks around your neighborhood.

“Most quality pet care facilities will recommend or require this vaccine in order to protect the dogs in their care. Holiday House Pet Resort has always required the canine influenza vaccine for Doggie Daycare, and is transitioning to requiring the vaccination for lodging too. Doylestown Veterinary Hospital will announce additional Canine Influenza Vaccination Clinics in order to make the full series of injections available,” added Dr. Laura Weis, co-owner of Doylestown Veterinary Hospital and Holiday House Pet Resort.

CIV spreads quickly among dogs and people can transmit the virus to other dogs. 100% of dogs exposed to the virus that have either not been exposed to the virus or not received the vaccine will become infected. Dogs are most contagious during a two to four day incubation period from exposure to developing signs.

The signs of CIV are virtually identical to those caused by many other viruses and bacteria that cause Canine Cough or the Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD) complex. A dog will develop a low grade fever, a soft moist cough and possibly nasal discharge. Although most dogs will recover without complications, a small percent may develop life-threatening pneumonia. Young puppies, old dogs, and dogs with pre-existing heart or respiratory conditions are at higher risk. Because the clinical signs of CIV closely resemble those of other canine respiratory diseases, any dog showing symptoms should be seen by a veterinarian.

If your dog develops signs of respiratory disease, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. Treatment for most cases of CIV consists of keeping your dog in a warm and dry environment, feeding high quality food, and offering plenty of fluids. If your veterinarian is concerned about secondary bacterial infections, an antibiotic may be prescribed. Your dog should be kept at home for two weeks in order to avoid exposing other dogs. Since the virus is not contagious to people, you can safely provide the love and care that will help your dog return to full health.


Located on a quiet country lane in Bucks County, Holiday House Pet Resort offers overnight lodging for dogs and cats, daycare, activity packages, training and grooming services. The facility is owned by Drs. Laura and Randy Weis, who also operate the Doylestown Veterinary Hospital, a full-service veterinary hospital with accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) located on the same property.

Holiday House Pet Resort was voted “Best of Bucks 2014” for Lodging and Grooming, has been distinguished among the “Best of Bucks” since 2010. They also won Bucks Happening List 2015 for Grooming and a finalist for Lodging. Doylestown Veterinary Hospital was voted “Best of Bucks 2014” for Veterinarian.

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