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Jan 31, 2013 | Fast Facts

FAST FACTS: Guide to Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

Daily teeth brushing should start around eight to twelve weeks old so it quickly becomes part of your pet’s routine. You may need to suspend cleanings or use a gentle brush as their permanent teeth emerge.

Brushing every day is best, but even a couple times a week is better than not brushing at all.

  • Begin when your pet is calm and quiet, gently lifting up her lips and rubbing your finger tip along the outside surface of her gums.
  • Use gentle praise and offer a reward of a tiny dollop of pet toothpaste for calm acceptance, however, don’t treat brushing as a game.
  • Spend only a few seconds in the mouth, gradually increasing the time to a minute or more.
  • Move to using your finger wrapped in a thin washcloth or a soft veterinary toothbrush with pet toothpaste which comes in a variety of flavors like chicken, liver and tuna. Never use human toothpaste!
  • Angle your finger or the brush at 45 degrees to the teeth and gently massage from the tip of the tooth to the crown in circular motions.

We are happy to discuss these steps for brushing at home and review technique with you. Or if you choose, Holiday House Pet Resort offers tooth brushing as part of their grooming services.

Talk to our staff at Doylestown Veterinary Hospital (or your veterinarian office) about the importance of preventive oral care and to schedule a full dental exam & cleaning.