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Aug 16, 2013 | Fast Facts

Fast Facts: Guide to Vaccinations

Roscoe-vaccine-300x224 (1)Pet wellness focuses on the overall health of your dog or cat during its lifetime and prevents illness and disease. Vaccinations protect your pets from serious infections and diseases as well as promote wellness throughout the pet community by avoiding dangerous outbreaks.

Essential vaccines cover the most prevalent and highly-infectious conditions. Lifestyle vaccines are not required but highly recommended depending on your pet’s lifestyle.

 DOGS: Essential

  • Distemper – highly-infectious virus that affects respiratory, gastrointestinal system and central nervous system.
  • Parvovirus – disease of the gastrointestinal tract

Bordetella – bacteria contributing to inflammation of the upper respiratory system; known as “kennel cough”

  • Leptospirosis – bacterial disease affecting liver, kidneys and other organs
  • Rabies – acute viral disease of the nervous system transmitted by the bite of an infected animal


  • Lyme disease – bacterial infection caused by the bite of an infected tick
  • Canine influenza – highly contagious virus affecting the upper respiratory system

CATS: Essential

  • Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (Feline Herpesvirus) – upper respiratory disease in cats
  • Feline Calicivirus – major cause of upper respiratory infections, especially combined with the feline viral rhinotracheitis
  • Feline Panleukopenia – highly-infectious virus which destroys white blood cells in bone marrow, lymph tissue, intestines and the brain
  • Rabies – acute viral disease of the nervous system transmitted by the bite of an infected animal
  • Feline Leukemia Virus – retrovirus can cause many disease symptoms and malignant tumors and weakens the immune system

Talk to your veterinarian about which vaccinations are right for your pet, when they should be given, and why quality vaccinations make a difference in protection.