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Dec 23, 2013 | Events

‘Why I’m Thankful for My Pet’ Winners and Finalists

Phoebe-Maggie-basket-300x199Phoebe and Maggie Doodle receive their gift basket filled with goodies from Doylestown Veterinary Hospital & Holiday House Pet Resort.

Winner: Dog Essays

Why I’m Thankful for My Pet
Phoebe Vallapureddy, Age 10

 “Mom, can we get a dog?” I ask.

“No, Phoebe. I don’t want you to suffer,” she always replies.

I’ve always wanted a dog. I’m highly allergic to them so I’ll never be able to own one. Dogs have always made me smile whenever I’veseen them in pictures or been lucky enough to pet one for a few brief minutes. So, when Maggie Doodle comes to our classroom, I’m on cloud nine!

Maggie Doodle is a Roxy Reading Therapy Dog in my class at school. Roxy Reading is a program that brings trained dogs into school classrooms so that kidscan read to them. I don’t get a reaction from Maggie Doodle, because the timeI spend aroundher is limited.

On the first day she came in, I was one of two people selected to escort Maggie Doodle from the school office to our classroom. Everybody in my class wanted to bechosen, but I was picked! I was ecstatic I would get to see her first. When I walked into the office, I saw her: a fluffy cute ball of white fur like the wool on a sheep. She bounded joyfully right into our classroom. When it was finally my group’s turn to read to her, she jumped up and greetedus by licking our faces. It felt wonderful to have a dog to pet and lick my face. It felt amazing to have a dog to spend time with. Maggie Doodle listened patiently while we read. She made sure to lick all our faces. She’s special because she brings comfort to everyone.

I’m thankful for Maggie Doodle because of her kind and gentle ways. If I win this essay contest, I will give her the dog basket to honor her work in comforting and teaching us.

Finalist: Dog Essays

My Companion Goldie
MeliaSevilAltaras, Age 8

I love my dog Goldie. She is loving, loyal, and understanding. I am thankful for her because if I don’t like my food she eats it, that way I don’t waste food. When I am upset she licks me and snuggles. She cheers me up and reminds me I am loved. I’ve always wanted a sister, and she is a cute younger sister that pays attention. She is protective and watches out for robbers. I feel safe with her at home. Goldie also scares away deer in our backyard. Less plants have been eaten with her around. Everyone thinks Goldie is cute. Goldie got me a couple new friends. She listens and because of that she is behaved and easy to train. We go out for walks; that keeps me active. Goldie helps me to learn to be more responsible. She keeps me warm when we snuggle on my bed in winter. She brightens the day up. She will lay in my heart always.

 Laura-Eryn-Brenda21-249x300Winner: Cat Essays

Why I am thankful for Walkie
Eryn Wagner, Age 8

One day I was very bored and looking out the window for something to do. And then I saw the most amazing thing a stray cat in my yard! She was brown and very pretty. She looked hungry and helpless. I screamed for my mom and she came rushing in.We had 3 cats already so I gave the stray some food and water. After she ate she went back into her sewer tunel that she lived in. She looked sad and lonely. The next day she had kittens! I disided to name her Walkie since she was walking around when I first saw her.Walkie was a horrible mother! You could tell she never had kittens before. She was more worried about having fun with us then caring for her poor kittens. So we had to take care of them while she just sat around! My mom and I disided we should keep her. But what would my dad say? He saw her little face and soon after we all agreed she was part of the family. We were so happy intill we found out she had cancer.It was the saddest day of my life. We disided to give her chemo. That was almost 4 years ago and now shes living a happy life. The chemo was a life saver not only for Walkie but for me too. Evan tho it made her sick for a little whille she still rubbed around everyone. She may only have 3 toes on one of her feet but she is the friendleyest cats I know. And that’s why I’m thankful for Walkie. She’s one of a kind and I love her even though she’s different.

Finalist: Cat Essays

Thank you Buttercup!
Isabella Marasco, Age 10

The reason I am thankful for my cat, Buttercup:

I am thankful for my cat Buttercup because she is the perfect match for me. And this is the story why. On my 9th birthday, I woke up. I had been begging my Dad for a cat for about 8 months. I opened my card and it had cats in it. My parents said “why do you think there are cats in your card?” I said, “because I like cats”. Then they told me I was getting a cat for my birthday. All that begging really worked because my Dad is allergic

to cats. I was so excited! My parents said I could go to a waterpark that day or try to find a special cat at the SPCA. I said go to the SPCA. That is how it started. When I got there I went into the cat room. There were a lot of cats. Then I saw buttercup sleeping in a corner. I loved her the second I saw her. I knew she was the one. When we got her in the car she was meowing a lot. She is a rescue cat from a hoarder so I think that was part of the reason she was so scared. When she first came home she wouldn’t play with me or even come out from under my bed. Now buttercup jumps on my bed to wake me up every single morning. I don’t know whatI would do without my furry friend. I am so lucky to have her.