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Jan 12, 2014 | General Health

A Lifetime of Wellness for Your Pet Starts with a Plan

Rooney-checkup-300x224As a pet parent you want to give your dog or cat the best care possible, ensuring a long and healthy life. Sometimes, however, decisions about care are based on cost. It’s okay, we understand. That’s why we developed a solution to help you, because focusing on ideal wellness instead cost or reacting to illness offers the most savings and happiness over the lifetime of your pet.

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital will begin offering Wellness Plans designed to provide comprehensive healthcare for each life stage of your dog or cat, making optimal pet healthcare convenient and affordable.

Comprehensive wellness exams every year along with dental care, vaccinations, basic screenings, and services specific to your breed or life stage are essential to a healthy life. Proactive care prevents many diseases by identifying health problems early. Without regular exams, many health problems can go undetected until an advanced stage of disease—that’s when the healthcare costs become substantial payments.

The benefits of enrolling in a Wellness Plan at Doylestown Veterinary Hospital include:

  • —  Targeted healthcare to manage wellness
  • —  Cost-effective healthcare over a lifetime
  • —  As your pet ages, enhanced plans cover additional diagnostic tests and imaging services
  • —  Convenient monthly payments
  • —  Discounts on services and products outside of plan coverage

Our doctors have carefully researched and designed plans to cover recommended care during various life stages including puppy and kitten (birth to 1 year), adult and senior years.

What do our wellness plans cover?

  • —  Comprehensive physical exams & consultations based on American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommendations for life stage
  • —  Essential core & lifestyle vaccinations
  • —  Basic diagnostic tests for common concerns & serious illnesses including heartworm, tick-borne illnesses, blood cell count and chemistry panel
  • —  Fecal testing and deworming
  • —  Breed-specific recommendations for care
  • —  Unlimited doctor & technician visits
  • —  Discounts on additional services & products
  • —  Some plans include dental care, imaging services, additional lab tests, and surgical procedures

At Doylestown Veterinary Hospital, our goal is getting to know your pets as members of your family and developing a lasting relationship with you. The best health care is delivered when there is a bond between the patient, the doctor, and the client that is built on knowledge and trust. By offering Wellness Plans to meet the needs of your pet and budget, we can help you provide your pet with optimal wellness throughout 2014 and beyond.

Start a Year of Wellness today by calling us at 215-345-6000 for more information and to enroll in the best plan for your pet and you!