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Apr 26, 2013 | Pet Obesity

Pet Weight Management Takes Planning & Support

Wow, it’s been an active and exciting week at Pawsitively Fit Camp. Our campers are well on their way to losing weight and having fun with exercise. Changing the eating habits of our pets and finding the time for exercise can be challenging, but the long-term benefits to the health and wellness of our pets are worth the effort.

For humans, programs like Weight Watchers are successful because they offer the planning and support tools needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle for lasting results. Our pets rely on us for the same loving care and support.

Let’s review easy steps for helping your dog or cat reach a healthy weight and stay active.

  • Consult with your veterinarian to discuss weight, body condition score, nutrition and addressing underlying medical conditions.
  • Seek nutritional counseling and ask the veterinarian to create a plan that’s easy to follow.
  • Encourage the support of the entire family—it takes a village to stick to a plan and reach goals!
  • Discover easy activities you can do with your pet for daily exercise and fun like starting with easy leash walks around the neighborhood or a short game of fetch in the backyard.
  • Keep a food log so you can track daily intake and overall progress.
  • Swap table scraps and too many dog treats for healthier food choices that fit with their new diet plan.
  • Enroll your pet in fitness camps or other activity programs that meet their exercise needs.
  • Schedule follow-up appointments with your veterinarian for weight checks and measurements, review of food logs, and adjustments to diet and exercise plans.

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