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Jul 5, 2017 | General Health

Some Pets Don’t Like Fireworks

July 4th may be over but that doesn’t mean the celebrations are too. While that may be great news for humans, some pets don’t like fireworks! Dogs and cats can be frightened and easily stressed by the loud sounds created by firecrackers and fireworks or large crowds. In some cases, the sounds and stress can cause a change in behavior. 

This infographic offers a few tips for recognizing stress or anxiety in your pet.

If your pet is frightened, then consider not only keeping the pet inside but also closing the windows and turning on the A/C for added relief and protection. Create a cozy place for your dog or cat. If you crate your dog, you may want to consider covering the crate to create a peaceful, cozy spot.

Visit any pet store and you’ll find a variety of cat huts and cat trees with enclosed places for your favorite feline to curl up. And no matter how much money you spend on things for your cat, a free box seems to be the go-to attraction. For a custom cat hut, simply cut a hole in a box and add an old t-shirt or blanket that contains a familiar scent: Parfume du YOU!

Playing soothing music or turning on the television to a usual program can also help. Fitting your dog with a properly sized Thundershirt may be helpful.

Talk to your veterinarian about additional options for helping your pet to relax, and to make sure your pet is microchipped and your contact information is registered!

Call Doylestown Veterinary Hospital & Holistic Pet Care at 215-345-6000 to ask about Feliway for your cat. The product is available in wipes or a diffuser and contains a synthetic feline pheromone which may help to calm your cat.

July Fireworks info sheet