Modern Medicine, Old-Fashioned Care

May 15, 2013 | General Health

Professional Dog Grooming for Wellness

Professional dog grooming is more than a day at the salon. A clean, fresh-smelling dog is a pleasure to have around but professional grooming is also essential to your dog’s wellness. Especially during allergy season, grooming can help reduce pet allergens in the home and help relieve your pet’s suffering too.

Health Check

An appointment with a grooming professional is another opportunity for your pet to be examined for problems which can lead to more serious health conditions. During the grooming process, the coat and skin are inspected for fleas and ticks, scratches and cuts, sores and abnormal growths which can lead to prompt medical attention. Removal of an imbedded tick in a timely fashion could prevent a more serious problem like Lyme disease; a cancerous tumor found early could save a life.

Experience and Safety

A small dog may be easy to bathe in your own sink or bathroom but a pet salon is designed for the convenience and safety of all pets. Professional groomers are skilled at working with different breeds, sizes and personalities and have the right tools to make your dog look stylish without injury. Lifting a dog into a tub could be dangerous for you and your dog and trimming the hair around the eyes or paws could lead to injury if the dog moves unexpectedly.

Holly-brushout-300x225Your Pampered Pooch

Regular bathing keeps your dog’s coat and skin healthy by removing dirt, debris and excessive hair. For dogs with a skin condition, especially due to allergies, grooming with the proper products like a medicated shampoo can provide significant relief from itching. Removal of excessive hair through bathing, de-shedding treatments and a thorough blow out can reduce matting and knotting. Brushing the coat also removes dead hair and distributes natural oils over the skin making the coat shiny and healthy.

The right haircut for your dog, based on breed and lifestyle, is not only attractive but functional—and frequency of a grooming appointment also depends on both factors as well as need. In cold or wet climates, the right cut will protect your dog from the harsh elements. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want a cut for your dog which makes coat care between appointments easier.

Grooming services usually include ear care and nail trimming. Ears are cleaned and excess hair, which can cause bacteria to be trapped, is removed to reduce the chance of an ear infection. Attention to the ears can also detect ear mites. Manicures and pedicures may be relaxing for people but that’s not usually the case for pets. Walking with long nails can contribute to joint problems. The nails should be trimmed monthly and if not done correctly, the experience can be painful. Professionals have the right tools and know exactly where to cut to avoid injury.

Massage is another healthy benefit of grooming for the modern pet.  It’s used to relieve anxiety and muscle soreness as well as improve circulation. Professional groomers know the musculoskeletal system and apply the right touch in order to help your dog relax and enjoy the experience.

Grooming is part of overall wellness for your pet. There are many health benefits to professional grooming services besides convenience and a clean pet. The coat and skin are your dog’s first line of protection. Routine grooming is an opportunity for early prevention and treatment of medical problems between yearly veterinary exams. A healthy dog is a happy dog!