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Mar 4, 2014 | General Health

The Secret to Getting Your Cat to the Vet

Want to know the secret to getting your cat to the vet? Every cat owner knows their feline can be fiercely independent, usually not requiring—or wanting—the daily care and attention that a dog desires. Cats will gladly curl up next to you, letting you gently pet their soft fur, but such attention is usually on their own terms!

Attempting to apprehend Miss Kitty for a trip to the veterinarian office usually results in her darting into a tiny spot and out of your reach while her piercing eyes shoot death-ray lasers from the darkness until the appointment is cancelled and forgotten. It’s no wonder that cats don’t receive regular veterinary care.

“There is a tremendous recognition that while cats are the largest percentage of companion animals in homes, their wellness visits and other types of veterinary care are much lower than for dogs,” said Dr. Elizabeth J. Colleran, a past president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). As independent—and tricky—as pet cats may be, preventive health care is important, giving you more healthy years to enjoy together.

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital has been recognized by the AAFP as a Cat Friendly Practice, a program initiated to improve the health and wellness of the growing number of pet cats. This select designation means our practice has taken extra steps to understand a cat’s unique needs and behaviors, implemented feline friendly standards, and completed a comprehensive checklist of performance criteria.

The benefits to our clients and cat owners include:

  • Staff trained in approaching and handling cats in a gentle, empathetic and caring manner
  • A calming environment to reduce stress, making the experience more positive and friendly
  • A designated ‘Cat Advocate’ on staff
  • Targeted information to provide you with ways to enhance your cat’s health and wellness

Cats need preventive healthcare because they age more rapidly than we do. Instinctively, cats are very clever at hiding pain and weakness as a way of protecting themselves. Regular physical examinations—twice annually is optimal—help detect potential health concerns before they become more serious and costly to treat.

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital offers convenient, budget-friendly Wellness Plans so your cat receives the quality care our staff recommends for a lifetime of optimum health and wellness.

Here are some tips for bringing your cat in for a visit:

  • Acclimate your cat to the carrier and the vehicle
  • Start training your kitten at an early age
  • Make the carrier familiar at home by leaving it in a room where your cat spends time
  • Place familiar soft towels or bedding in the carrier
  • Consider a synthetic feline facial pheromone—ask our staff about the product Feliway to help your cat travel easier
  • Be patient
  • Call our staff to discuss additional tips for your cat’s unique personality