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Oct 7, 2020 | Holistic Pet Care

Separating the Facts from the Fiction Regarding Holistic Pet Care

Natural, alternative, integrative. There are a number of buzzwords related to holistic pet care – but one main goal: using a whole-body approach that addresses an animal’s physical and emotional health to foster an enhanced immune system and overall wellness. The idea is to prevent disease before it happens, not simply manage symptoms once it does.

Still, despite widespread use and increasing popularity, there remain a number of misconceptions and myths surrounding the practice of veterinary holistic medicine.

Keep reading to get the real dirt on natural medicine and separate the fact from the fiction.

Myth # 1: Holistic pet care is expensive.

The reality: In many ways, the cost of veterinary treatment – traditional and holistic – is purely subjective. Some pet owners balk at the prospect of a $100 routine checkup and the price of certain medications, food, and more. Others would eagerly pay thousands for surgical procedures that could add years – or even months – to their pet’s life.

Because holistic pet care places an emphasis on the prevention of illness and disease, while implementing natural therapy instead of conventional medicine, it is often less expensive, long-term. Chiropractic medicine, for example, may carry significant upfront costs, but by optimizing body health and improving musculoskeletal well-being – it helps to prevent future medical issues and injuries and the hefty costs associated with them.

And it is true that some supplements are pricier than certain medications. But, again, the initial price tag often outweighs potential side effects yielded by traditional pharmaceuticals. Prednisone, for example, is used to treat certain allergies and is relatively inexpensive. Perpetual use, however, not only results in cumulative expenses, but the drug itself can sometimes carry long-term health risks. Routine screenings for these related conditions also add to the cost. Holistic pet care eliminates the need for such screenings, while encouraging a longer, happier life for your pet.

Myth # 2: Holistic pet care is for “weirdos.

The reality: Some naysayers tend to brush off alternative medicine as being strange or downright bizarre. Holistic medicine for both humans and animals, however, has steadily become part of the mainstream. In fact, Doctors Laura and Randy Weis founded and operate Doylestown Veterinary Hospital, which over the years has grown to integrate various holistic modalities, including acupuncture and laser therapy. Both graduated from prestigious veterinary colleges and are members of well-respected associations including the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Myth # 3: Holistic pet care is unproven.

The reality: Perhaps the most widespread fiction regarding holistic pet care regards its veracity. While it is true that nutritional supplements do not undergo the exact same tests as conventional medicine, they are nonetheless extensively studied for effectiveness. Not only that, but many societies have been using holistic treatments for thousands of years. In fact, acupuncture is one aspect of traditional Chinese medicine that is consistently applied to veterinary medicine, helping an animal’s body to heal itself naturally. Today, many holistic medicines and treatments have been shown to be as effective as traditional interventions.

Keep in mind: no single medical discipline – whether conventional or alternative – can unequivocally claim to be the one and only path to complete health. That’s why Doylestown Veterinary Hospital provides both traditional medicine and holistic pet care to our patients.

Our customized care blends conventional medicine and holistic therapies, providing a natural, effective option for pet owners who want to ensure the overall wellness for their dogs and cats.

Some of our therapies include:

  • Veterinary acupuncture
  • Herbal remedies
  • Homeopathy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Chiropractic care
  • Cold laser treatments
  • And more

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