Holistic Pet Care at Doylestown Veterinary Hospital   Best of 2017 Award

Holistic Pet Care at Doylestown Veterinary Hospital offers integrative veterinary medicine for dogs and cats. Pet owners looking for a holistic veterinarian in the Central Bucks area will find a variety of therapeutic options available within one practice.

Holistic therapies include:

  • Veterinary acupuncture
  • Herbal remedies
  • Classical homeopathy
  • Nutritional counseling for both general health and disease treatment, carefully selected supplements, and
  • Cold laser therapy to improve the health and life of your dog or cat

“Doylestown Veterinary Hospital has been integrating holistic modalities like veterinary acupuncture and laser therapy with our conventional veterinary practice for some time. Having a holistic veterinary center allows us to offer a variety of natural and therapeutic options that improve the lives of our patients,” said Dr. Laura Weis, who owns Doylestown Veterinary Hospital & Holistic Pet Care with her husband Dr. Randy Weis.



Dog getting acupuncture

Offering a natural approach to optimal wellness by restoring energy, improving mobility, reducing pain, and supporting digestive health. Every session with a certified veterinary acupuncturist is provided in a quiet, comfortable setting.

Cold Laser Therapy

Kona laser therapy for dogs

Effective treatment to aid healing and ease pain by reducing inflammation and stimulating cellular activity.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal therapy for dogs

Utilizing naturally occurring active ingredients found in either whole plants or their parts to offer therapeutic influence in the body. Effective and safe treatment for a variety of conditions and illnesses


A gentle approach designed so the body naturally focuses on the underlying cause of disease symptoms which eliminates the need for costly medications and long-term care.

Nutrition Therapy

Cat and Dog nutrition

Nutritional needs change during your pet’s life due to growth and development, the aging process, and management of various medical conditions.

Wash is ready

Integrative veterinary medicine is a blending of the appropriate use of the conventional veterinary medicine and holistic services in order for a body to effectively respond and heal. It is an individualized approach to veterinary medicine and holistic healing when looking for the best in pet care and treatment options.

“Integrative medicine allows the medical team to provide highly individualized pet care. We can consciously choose from a wide variety of therapies to accomplish the proper balance for a healthy life or to find a unique solution for more effective treatment of a chronic illness,” said staff veterinarian Dr. David MacDonald.