Modern Medicine, Old-Fashioned Care

Veterinary Care

Consummate Veterinary Care Built on Knowledge and Trust

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital’s trained, compassionate team of veterinarians and technicians get to know you and your pets as a family.

Using modern medicine and old-fashioned care, our team delivers professional, personalized service, while working to foster healthier, happier, and longer lives for your dogs and cats:

• Complete Health & Wellness
• Personalized Wellness
• Preventative care, including parasite screening
• Nutrition Counseling
• Diagnostic testing
• Dentistry
• Surgery
• Televet visits
Holistic care
• And more! 


A Trusted Veterinary Surgical Team

The doctors at Doylestown Veterinary Hospital have extensive training in a number of surgical procedures, including:

• Spays
• Neuters
• Orthopedics
• Mass removals
• And more

Our anesthetic protocols are safe and modern. Should a surgical procedure become necessary to prevent or treat a medical concern, rest assured that our team will go out of its way to ensure your pet is protected and comfortable at all times.

Getting to Know You

Located in Bucks County, PA, our animal hospital has been developing strong, lasting relationships with our client families and their pets since 1972. Our skilled veterinarians and their medical teams know that this unique bond is only possible through knowledge and trust.

All pets are unique. Ensuring their well-being is not a matter of checking boxes. Comprehensive consultations and physical examinations allow us the opportunity to discuss your one-of-a-kind companion, identify any health concerns well in advance, and develop an individualized treatment plan.

Schedule an appointment at our veterinary clinic today to discuss individual recommendations including:

• Vaccinations
• Diet
• Exercise
• Preventative medicines
• And much more!


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