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AnimalBiome For Dogs and Cats

Get the Inside Track on Pet Health

Did you know? Digestive and skin issues make up more than half of all veterinary visits.

And so many of them have the same underlying cause.

Microbial imbalances in your pet’s digestive tract may be to blame for multiple ailments, including diarrhea, skin conditions, bad breath, gas, weight loss, and so much more.

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital has partnered with AnimalBiome Veterinary to bring advanced microbiome science into your pet’s health plan.

Gut and oral health tests can help to pinpoint underlying causes and pave the way to comprehensive and personalized treatment for your pet.

AnimalBiome For Dogs and Cats

Make Gut Health Part of Your Pet’s Preventive Care

Our pets often hide signs of illness, making routine checkups critical to the early detection of health concerns. Gut health should be part of these visits, as all aspects of your pet’s health are connected to their gut microbiome in one way or another.

The Doylestown team can help you identify and address microbial imbalances that could otherwise lead to numerous disorders such as diabetes, obesity, and IBS.

Make productive choices about your pet’s health, and ask us about consultations for:

  • Microbiome testing
  • Fecal transplants
  • Gut Restore supplements
  • Oral health tests
  • And more!

Located in Bucks County, PA, Doylestown Veterinary Hospital gets to know you and your pets as a family. Our skilled veterinarians and their medical teams know that this unique bond is only possible through knowledge and trust.

In addition to microbiome testing and services, our veterinary clinic regularly assists pet parents and their animals with other needs including:

  • Vaccinations
  • Nutrition & diet
  • Exercise
  • Preventative medicines
  • And so much more!

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