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Integrative Veterinary Care

Integrative Veterinary Care at DVH

Integrative veterinary care is not an “either-or” solution to combining conventional and alternative medicine for treatment of an illness. It is a comprehensive approach to wellness and healing through highly individualized care for the best healthcare and treatment outcome.

Alternative medicine includes:

  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal medicine
  • Food therapy
  • Massage

Did you know there’s a way to restore your pet’s youthful spirit and energy?

Comprehensive wellness is about the mind, body and spirit—not simply the prevention and medical treatment of disease. Veterinary acupuncture offers a natural approach to optimal wellness for your pet by restoring energy, improving mobility, reducing pain, and even supporting digestive health.
As pet parents we pamper our companions with love by giving them the best care, the finest pet foods and treats, the longest belly rubs or scratches behind the ears, and the most comfortable places to rest—all of life’s little luxuries we enjoy ourselves.

Bring out your pet’s inner puppy again! Owners are full of joy when reporting their dog has returned to taking walks again, navigating stairs more easily, and socializing with renewed energy.

Veterinary AcupunctureEvery session with certified veterinary acupuncturist Dr. Ashlea Erk or Dr. David MacDonald is provided in a quiet, comfortable setting. A brief examination and discussion with the owner establishes areas of focus. A series of tiny needles are then strategically placed on the body and gently manipulated stimulating the nervous system in order to relieve tension and pain. After the session, most dogs are visibly calmer, and many owners say that within a few hours, their pet is able to move with more freedom and energy.

Yes, we all want our pets to live a long life; but sometimes we don’t realize happiness is missing until it’s restored! Bring back your pet’s vitality and youth by scheduling an acupuncture evaluation and first session today.

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