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Jun 13, 2013 | General Health

No Bones About It: Why This Dog Loves Daycare

Doggie-Daycare-300x225Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for sending me to Doggie Daycare. If my wagging tail and rushing to get in the car every morning aren’t obvious enough, then let me tell you how much I love daycare and why it’s so much fun.


I love playing with all my pals at daycare. I can’t wait to hang with Cody, Ginger and Joey. Spike is such a little guy but he just loves playing ball with us big dogs. And then there’s Sophie—I pant a bit faster when I see her.

Enrichment & Exercise

Yesterday it was so nice outside so we spent a good part of the afternoon running around the playground, jumping off the slide and splashing in the wading pools. Hank was hogging the ball and then the Frisbee. We told him to stop because the rest of the group was getting frustrated. He was much better after that so we let him back into the pack. During our quiet time, the teacher played some Mozart—that’s very soothing music. Can you play that at home sometimes?

Special Activities & Learning New Skills

Today we’ll be celebrating Duke and Dutchess’s birthday with party hats, disco music and treats. Don’t tell Dad but I think tomorrow we’ll be making paw print cards for Father’s Day! Oh, can you sign me up for that special agility camp next month? The obstacle course is really cool, and I want to see how high I can jump over that bar.

Reinforcement of Manners and Obedience Training

Did you hear about Fiona, Rex and that puppy Scooter? Fiona wouldn’t stop barking every time someone walked in the door so one of the teachers worked with her throughout the day and she wasn’t so loud at dismissal. Rex would growl when anyone would come near the red ball until a teacher stepped in to handle the situation. Scooter peed on the floor the other day so the teachers took him for quick walks throughout the day. He didn’t pee on the floor at all yesterday. I heard his mom thanking the teacher.

Eliminate Boredom and Bad Behaviors

Please talk to the neighbors because I think Mack and Princess really want to join me at daycare. As we drive by their houses, I see their lonely faces in the windows. Missy almost had an accident in the house because the dog walker was sick and her dad got home late. I’m sure Buddy would stop chewing on the couch and howling if he wasn’t so bored at home alone. He told me he can’t wait for his mom to come home and take him for a walk. Sadly, he doesn’t go far because he said his mom is usually too tired for a long walk.

Happy + Tired = A Calm Dog

Wow, you must be happy all I want to do is nap when we get home? I know you’re having a party tomorrow night but can I just sleep on your bed? There are so many activities planned at daycare that I think I’ll be too tired to eagerly greet everyone and hang around the kitchen to clean up dropped food.
I’m so content. Thanks again for letting me go to daycare while you’re at work all day. It’s a lot of fun, and don’t worry if you’re late because it gives me a chance to hang with Sophie without the guys barking at me. I look forward to having dinner with you both and then snuggling on the couch together tonight. Let’s go…

With love and unending devotion,